Monday, April 7, 2008

Slim's Chance

If you enjoy reading inspirational true short stories about horses (like the ones I wrote in the Beloved Horses series), then read Slim's Chance by Cathy Moss.
Slim was rescued by an animal shelter in northern Virginia. He was in such bad shape when he arrived, that the vet didn't think he would make it through the night. But Slim was stronger than they thought, and with his gentle disposition Slim became a favorite at the shelter.
Cathy Moss, a volunteer at the shelter, agreed to provide Slim a foster home for the winter. Of course that temporary home extended several years. Her story of her time with Slim is short but sweet.
All the proceeds from the sales of Slim's Chance go to the Middleburg Humane Foundation Fund for Equine Rescue. Visit The book is available at their site for $15 plus $4 shipping.

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chris said...

Similarly the operator of a horse-rescue organization in Minnesota said the number of neglected horses needing care has gone up dramatically as the economy slows. Drew Fitzpatrick is now caring for 90 horses at the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation in Zimmerman.