Monday, January 25, 2010

Shane's Mane

Shane's Mane by Nicole Drumheller Gargus is the story about a young girl who learns it's not difficult to learn new things like reading a book and riding a horse.

Orla helps her Grandpa take care of the horses and usually she wears her favorite pair of shoes - her dirty, smelly barn boots. Grandpa rides Shane, a large grey horse that Grandpa says could hurt Orla. But she is allowed to brush him.

Grandpa lets Orla ride a pony but he leads her around slowly. Orla wants to gallop like Grandpa did on Shane.

One day, Orla has a magical experience with Shane (Children - DON'T try this at home!) that makes her confident in both her riding and reading. And she learns she should NEVER be in the barn without her boots!

The book includes colorful photographs and many details I loved: the dirt clod shaped like a hoofprint; the description of the spring flowers; and the magical trail ride.

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