Monday, May 14, 2012

Gypsy's Meadow

Gypsy's Meadow by JT Brown is an uplifting children's story about a rescued pony and the special relationship with her young girl owner. The girl learns to care for the pony, and they ride the trails and attend horse shows together. When the girl grows up and marries, Gypsy goes to a new home with them. The girl introduces her baby daughter to Gypsy and eventually the horse teaches the youngster, too. When the mare is too old to be ridden, she welcomes new horses to the barn for the mother and daughter to ride. The theme of opening your heart to love is a concept for every reader.

The ending is sad, yet insightful and gives the young reader a positive outlook on death.

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NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: “Gypsy’s Meadow” is a touching story which tells a tale of many horses out there that are just plainly looking for a good home.

The purpose and mission of this book, is to raise funds for “First Light Farms Equine Shelter”; so other horses can share their “Remember When” and not “Maybe could be.”

“Every step we take could be another hoof print left in our hearts.”


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