Sunday, February 23, 2014

Quincy and Buck by Camille Matthews

Camille Matthews has her latest Quincy the Horse book ready for release on March 15th. Quincy and Buck is an entertaining story about a brave horse named Quincy that will entertain and educate young riders.

Set in the southwest, Quincy is worried about going out on  a trail ride. He's afraid of all the strange things that he may meet. But his buddy Beau advises him that he must face his fears or he'll never be a brave horse.

One day, he gets his chance to take a trail ride, following an experienced trail horse named Buck. The adventures on this trail ride teach Quincy valuable lessons, and the reader will learn them as well.

Not only is the story wonderful, but also the illustrations in this hardcover book. All three Quincy books will also be released as e-books.

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