Wednesday, June 18, 2014

On the Buckle by Candace Carrabus

Very few books make me laugh out loud, but On the Buckle by Candace Carrabus did just that. Although some parts were very unrealistic - the whole story takes place in about a week, and kittens were born and playing in that time - the author creates a believable equine setting with the main character, Vi, as a true horse lover.

She begins a job as barn manager and, unlike her previous ones, she must stay on at least a year in order to have access to her trust fund. She brings along her horse, dog and lots of baggage in the way of bad memories. Top it off with a really bad first day that includes kicks from horses and the owner in a kilt.

I wasn't sure I wanted to continue, but the plot intrigued me when a dead body is found in a strange place. Oh, and the scenes involving whipped cream!

I don't think the story needed the foul language or explicit sex scenes, which I skipped, but the author makes the reader want to know how Vi is going to handle all her bad choices.

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