Monday, May 27, 2013

Great Summer Read for Horse Lovers!

Horse lovers of all ages will enjoy There Must Be Horses by Diana Kimpton. Even those not into equines will enjoy the likable main character and hope she achieves her dream.

Sasha is an orphaned teen longing for a family to keep her after a series of unsuitable matches. She wants not just any family, however, but one with horses. She lands on a horse farm she thinks is perfect, but the couple made it very clear on the first day that they don't want a permanent placement.

The same day Sasha arrives, a new horse does too. One as wild and as distrusting as she is, and so a bond forms with her and Meteor.

The author is from England so horse terms are a little different: a lorry is a horse van, a metre is about a yard and a headcollar is a halter etc. But the language doesn't take away the emotional draw to Sasha, who can be a little bit of a drama queen but understandable because of her background.

Learn more about the author at her site