Monday, May 20, 2013

Wild Thing: Winnie the Horse Gentler

Winnie the Horse Gentler is the first book of the series by Dandi Daley Mackall and features a grey Arabian mare named Wild Thing, due to her wild behavior. Winnie, a young horse lover, and her sister, Lizzy, meet the horse one foggy day and to Winnie, the wild creature is the horse of her dreams.

After her mother's death, Winnie and her family move about often, so she doesn't make many friends at each new location. But she does search out the area for horses and offers to work at stables. This Ohio home appeals to both Winnie and Lizzy but they'll need a plan to be able to stay. Wild Thing, and the helpful new friends the girls make, come to their aid in achieving their goal, but not without many obstacles. And Winnie discovers she has inherited her mother's gift with horses.

This is a delightful story and includes a very educational resource list at the end with equine terms for young horse enthusiasts.

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