Saturday, January 26, 2008


I purchased Carole Fletcher's book, "Trickonometry - the Secrets of Teaching Your Horse Tricks," to share with riding students I was teaching at Camp Chateaugay in Upstate New York last summer. They loved it! Several kids (8 -12 years of age) worked with the school horses and a couple of them became quite good at a few tricks. They even demonstrated the tricks at Visiting Day to the delight of their parents!

I met Carole in Florida last winter at HITS Ocala winter horse show circuit. We were both there for Kids Day and I asked if I could interview her for my book, "Beloved Sport Horses." In it, she shares her story about her Paint Horse, Mr. Ed-Ucation, and the tricks he performs in front of schoolchildren to encourage them to read.

In 1976, the first horse Carole taught tricks to was named Dial. Since then, she's taught several including the famous Rugged Lark. She performs at a variety of equine events and offers clinics. Currently, she is training a Miniature Horse named Hercules. They visit hospitals etc. and Hercules wears tiny sneakers!

The book is easy to understand with step-by-step directions. There are simple tricks like hugging and answering yes or no, and familiar circus tricks like bowing, sitting up, laying down and standing on a pedestal.

Carole believes that the learning process for a horse should be fun. By teaching your horse tricks you can improve communication, keep him sharp and in a happy frame of mind, no matter what breed you have or the type of riding you do.
I can personally say that we had loads of fun during this unique learning session!
Visit Carole's Web site at: to learn more.