Thursday, December 16, 2010


Puddleby by Thea Wilcox is an adorable story full of magic, excitement, comedy and wisdom. The artwork, by Lorraine Ortner-Blake is fabulous!

A chestnut pony, named Puddleby, has a special bond with a pot-bellied pig named Smooch and a white goose named Cedric. Together they learn about life lessons such as the meaning of true friendship, especially after they are moved to a different farm. There, they make new friends, especially with their new owner, Miss Thea, who has a unique skill with animals.

This story is sure to bring a smile to a youngster's face, and that is the author's intent. Thea Wilcox, from Ocala, Florida, has a real pony named Puddleby who travels with her around the country to support the Going Miles For Smiles Foundation (GMFS). This non-profit's goal is to bring a lasting smile to those less fortunate. Proceeds from the sale of this book and other merchandise support the foundation. Visit for more information and to place an order.