Sunday, February 28, 2016

Selah's Sweet Dream by Susan Count

Selah's Sweet Dream by Susan Count is a delightful story of a 12 year-old who dreams of having a horse. While visiting her grandfather, Selah sees a wild black horse in trouble out in the woods and with help from her grandfather and his dog, they save the mare. It turns out that Sweet Dream was meant to belong to Selah, thanks to her dearly departed grandmother. But the training process, and earning the mare's trust, is a challenge.

Any young reader would enjoy this contemporary adventure novel with a Christian viewpoint.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Horsefever by Lee Hope

Horsefever by Lee Hope is a very emotional novel about a middle-aged woman named Nikki who has a passion for excelling at showing in the sport of three-phase eventing. To attain her goal, since she knows she needs help due to her fear, her wealthy husband hires a trainer, Gabe, who admires her spirit and understands her fear since he is unable to compete after a nasty fall. But their spouses, Cliff and Carla, are jealous of the relationship that escalates as Nikki climbs the ranks in her show standings.

This is a well-written, exciting novel, but it has deep meanings, sexual tension and symbolism that may not be understood by all, especially children.