Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Great Horse Breeds of the World

Great Horse Breeds of the World by Bonnie Marlewski-Probert is an informative resource full of lovely photos and descriptions. It includes well known equine breeds as well as rare or newly developed ones. This is a hardcover, 108 page Volume I, so other breeds are to follow. The American Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred were not included in this issue.

There are also pages on Tips for Selecting a Horse, the American Association of Riding Schools and Contacts for breeds.

A lovely gift for all ages of horse lovers!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Quincy and Buck by Camille Matthews

Camille Matthews has her latest Quincy the Horse book ready for release on March 15th. Quincy and Buck is an entertaining story about a brave horse named Quincy that will entertain and educate young riders.

Set in the southwest, Quincy is worried about going out on  a trail ride. He's afraid of all the strange things that he may meet. But his buddy Beau advises him that he must face his fears or he'll never be a brave horse.

One day, he gets his chance to take a trail ride, following an experienced trail horse named Buck. The adventures on this trail ride teach Quincy valuable lessons, and the reader will learn them as well.

Not only is the story wonderful, but also the illustrations in this hardcover book. All three Quincy books will also be released as e-books.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kobi: Memoirs of a Mustang by Heather Hamel

Kobi: Memoirs of a Mustang is a chapter book for middle grade horse lovers through adults, a la Black Beauty first person viewpoint. The author, Heather Hamel, explains at the end that this story is based on the real life and times of a Mustang named Kobi from birth through life to his forever home.

The realistic details of wild mustangs, the round up and adoptions are educational. Kobi learns that not all humans are bad, but some are better than others. And that goes for other horses, too!

The author describes the black colt's training and the variety of stables he was kept and how differently they cared for the horses. The reader learns about Kobi's insights and reactions to different situations including horse shows.

This book is available on Amazon in print and for the Kindle.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

At Risk by Kit Ehrman

If you love equine mysteries with a fast pace, and realistic characters and scenes, then you'll enjoy At Risk, Kit Ehrman's debut novel published in January 2010. It's free for your Kindle - at the time of this posting.

Steve Cline, a young barn manager in Maryland, interrupts a horse theft in the middle of the night when he returns to administer medicine to one of the horses. The goons rough him up and tie him inside with the horses in the large horse trailer, but he manages to escape.

He then becomes a target to the bad guys, with them causing all types of serious vandalism including fire and eventually murder on the farm.

Steve becomes an amateur sleuth trying to figure out who's behind all the attacks at the same time he runs the stable. Lots of realistic behind the scenes at a Hunter Jumper stable.

This is NOT a children's book or for a reader who likes cozy mysteries!
WARNING: Profanity, graphic bloody scenes and sex scenes are included!