Monday, December 17, 2012

Pidgy's Surprise by Jeanne Mellin

Pidgy's Surprise by Jeanne Mellin is a fun horse book for young readers as well as educational.

Cindy is a young horse lover, with the emphasis on horse. She owns a plain-looking Shetland Pony but dreams of having a big, spirited horse. Cindy takes the mare to a horse show and she is surprised to win a ribbon. But that's not the only surprise Pidgy has for her!

Originally published in 1955, this classic horse tale will sure delight youngsters now and in future decades. The book recently won a Moonbeam Children's Book Award!

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Breathe Life into Your Riding by Jenny Rolfe

Breathe Life into Your Riding: Transform Your Riding with Inspirational and Innovative Breathing Techniques

Breathe Life into Your Riding

Transform your riding with inspirational
and innovative breathing techniques
by Jenny Rolfe
J.A. Allen Books
Hard Cover, 2012, $34.00
ISBN: 978-0-85131-984-1
Available on Amazon

Reviewed by Carol M. Upton

Once we begin to master our own state of mind, tension and balance, we will be in a place where we can more easily be taught, by both a trainer and the horse. We will be able to respond more effectively with fluidity within our body and greater focus of our mind. ~ Jenny Rolfe

In this follow-up to Ride From the Heart, Jenny Rolfe expands upon her training techniques using the power of breathing and energy exchange between horses and people. We already know that Yoga and Tai Chi practices, for example, help us to move through life more easily. Rolfe combines her extensive experience as an international dressage trainer with testimonials from other riders to demonstrate how a similar approach can profoundly impact horse and rider performance.

The first part of the book provides the reader with exercises to build awareness and core breathing with the horse from the ground. Each page is graced with stunning photographs that illustrate this path to greater connection. Rolfe discusses loose work and the foundation it provides for trust and harmony to grow between horse and handler.  The more the horse learns relaxation in loose work, the more this will be carried into work under saddle.

Later chapters cover the subtle energy of core breathing and illustrate how these techniques support balanced, collected riding. The most empowering stories are those of Rolfe’s relationships with her Iberian stallions and the lessons learned from her intuitive work with them. She writes of sometimes delving into the unknown, yet always using breath with calm energy and creating space to allow the horse to become the teacher.

“Much of our present-day teaching relates to technical knowledge,” Rolfe says, “but my experience, working daily with my stallions, has taught me the significance of a further dimension.”

Attitudes are shifting and there are many ways in which we can learn together. Riders and trainers of all disciplines will definitely be inspired by Rolfe’s approach in this book and the transformation it can bring to both human and horse.  

Jenny Rolfe’s clients come from all over the world and include those professionally involved with horses, among them BHS trainers, physiotherapists and natural horsemanship instructors. She is also author/producer of the book/dvd Ride from the Heart and writes for a multitude of international equestrian magazines. Visit Jenny and her Iberian stallions at:

Thursday, December 6, 2012

NOOR by Milton Toby

NOOR by Milton Toby covers the history of more than one Thoroughbred as they run for the roses in the 1940's and 50's, mostly describing the west coast races.

Noor's competitor, Citation, as well as other famous racehorses such as Seabiscuit are featured. Also, noted horsemen are quoted: Charles Howard, Noor's owner; John Longden, jockey; and trainer Burley Parke.

This historical account of a noteworthy racehorse is well written and includes numerous photographs.

Noor was certainly a gorgeous horse!

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Bubba Goes National by Jennifer Walker

Bubba Goes National is the first book of the Green Meadow series by Jennifer Walker. This upbeat story not only teaches the reader about Arabian horse shows, but also responsible horsemanship and good sportsmanship.

Leslie is a young teen who lost her mom when she was ten and has a close bond with her dad. Her "heaven on earth" is a stable where she takes lessons and works for the trainer, Helen. The Green Meadow Training Stables features Arabian Horses, "Leslie's favorite breed."

She saved her money and and bought an Arabian that she spotted at a local horse auction. Her dad names him Bubba but Leslie calls him Lucky, since she's feels so lucky to have found him. With good grooming and training, and despite the wrath of a jealous teen rider, the pair soon qualify for the Youth Nationals.

The author writes in an easy style for both those who know horses and those who don't. Visit her site at