Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Ride of Your Life

The Ride of Your Life by Gareth Da'Bellis part memoir, part travel book and part essay. The stunning photographs (most taken between the ears of a horse while riding), the poetic prose and the insightful observations will delight both a horse and nature lover.

The print book is pricey, but the e-book is free at this time at http://store.blurb.com/ebooks/320432-the-ride-of-your-life  

Enjoy the ride!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Celebrating 8th Anniversary of Beloved School Horses!

The month of September marks the 8th Anniversary of my Beloved School Horses.

After closing our Unicorn Stable in 2000, I decided to share my fondest memories of the unsung heroes of the horse world - the lesson horse. From little Petey, my son's first pony, to big Tetris, an ex-dressage horse, these stories have been enjoyed by horse lovers of all ages. I've read some to kids as young as five because several anecdotes describe the special bonds between children and a horses. Older riders enjoy the trip down memory lane.

My Morgan Horse, Windfield Farewell, is featured on the cover and first chapter. He calms a nervous Girl Scout as she attempts to overcome her fear in order to earn her Horsemanship badge.

Dennis, a grade gelding who loves to halt, rewards an autistic 6 year old with a prompt response when asked to whoa. The boy, who had never smiled in his life, grins like a crescent moon causing the walkers to be overjoyed to tears.

And a double amputee Viet Nam veteran proves to himself that he is still a cowboy when on Knipper.

These are just a few of the horses featured. When marketing my book, other horse lovers wanted to tell me about their beloved horse. And so a series was born. The 5th will feature breeds from around the world and be released at the end of this year.

For print copies of any in the series, personally signed to you or a loved one, ($14.95 each) complete with sketches or photographs, contact me at sharonminer@yahoo.com - and I take Visa & Master Card. FREE SHIPPING!

For e-books, select them at Barnes & Noble or Amazon for just $2.99.

Visit these shops if near you - call ahead to see if they still have them on their shelf. http://findhorsebooks.blogspot.com/

Thanks to all my wonderful fans and shop supporters!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Must Read for Horse Lovers!

Believing in Horses

Believing in Horses by Valerie Ormond is an inspirational story of a young girl with lofty goals, but who perseveres to attain them.

Horse lover, Sadie, is 12 and with her family's help, she chooses a perfect horse after choosing the perfect boarding stable. But the real challenge is her ambition to save ten horses that are scheduled to go to a horse auction.

With gumption and ingenuity, Sadie researches, makes presentations and secures homes for all of them. Now, she just has to be the highest bidder at the auction and stay within her budget.

The setting and characters are realistic, and the author has the reader spellbound with each scene, wondering what will happen next.

I found myself saying to Sadie, "You go, girl!"