Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Defining Gravity by Genevieve Mckay

Defining Gravity by Genevieve Mckay is about a high school teen named Astrid who who is sent to a stable to work as a punishment. Of course, she is enlightened about the wisdom of horses after getting to know them.

This is a well written book with a gorgeous cover. The plot and characters were interesting, but I guessed that Astrid would get hurt again and I was disappointed in the ending. Nothing seemed to get resolved: Astrid was still getting into trouble, her dad still had business problems and her riding instructor was still sick. While Astrid seemed to learn a few of life lessons, she didn't seem to learn from her mistakes. I know this is a series, but I would have liked  a more satisfying ending.

Visit the author's website at GenevieveMckay.com

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Spell of the Horse

The Spell of the Horse by Pam Billinge is a non-fiction account of her personal experience as well as her clients. She shares her profound bonds with a variety of horses that healed, inspired and taught her through spiritual connections. She now has a business teaching others how the horse can help them - both individuals and corporate leaders - in her rural farm in England. Visit her site at http://www.equestlimited.co.uk/