Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Leave It To Chance

The debut novel, Leave It To Chance, by Sherri Sand involves a horse named Chance saving the emotional aspects of a single mom and her three kids. The aged horse that the protagonist, Sierra, inherits causes a series of problems to add to her black cloud following closely overhead - loss of job, loss of home and moving back in with her mother, and her child support check bouncing. Sierra desperately wants to sell the horse and use the money for her household expenses, but her family and even her best friend disagree. They feel Chance will help bond the family during this stressful time. But Sierra's painful and frightening memory of her childhood friend dying after being kicked by a horse compounds the problems Chance creates.

The neighbor who allows Chance to pasture on his farm creates a romantic atmosphere full of misunderstandings. Then, Sierra tries to understand her relationship with God throughout all the difficulties, especially when her son is injured during a fall off of Chance.

Leave It To Chance is a wonderful read for those who enjoy a light romance (no sex scenes, yeah!) and a story in a Christian setting without being preachy. Plus, the horsey details are accurate and well written. The cover gets an A+ too!

Author Sherri Sand resides in the Pacific Northwest and is currently on her Blog Tour. It can be viewed at: http://blogtourspot.wordpress.com/sherri-sand-blog-tour/