Monday, November 16, 2009

A New Life for Bud

A New Life for Bud is a delightful tale based on a real horse in Chicago. Author, Lynda Vital, learned to ride on a retired Chicago Police Horse who was used in a handicapped riding program. She now volunteers at a therapeutic riding program called Horsefeathers. Visit their site at

When Bud retires from the police horse program, he wonders what his new life will be like. He loves marching in parades and he loves children. So he's happy to learn that his new job includes both!

A boy in a wheelchair, named Danny, watches Bud in the St. Patrick's Day parade and wishes he could learn to ride a horse like Bud.

The ending may be predictable, but it is still heartwarming.

Lynda both wrote and illustrated this Beginner Reader book and it can be purchased by visiting the publisher's site,

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Adventures of Princess the Pony

Margaret Merry is a talented artist and storyteller living in Spain. Her illustrations are captivating and perfect for the story.

Little Princess wants desperately to find a friend to play with and even escapes her farm when no one there is willing. She has quite an adventure and saves the day for a big (and highly respected) black horse. Her "badge" for her heroic attempt is very unique!

What a wonderful gift for a young horse lover! Find the book at the author's site or