Monday, July 13, 2009

The Saddle Club - Horse Shy

Bonnie Bryant writes another wonderful story about girls and their bonds with horses in Horse Shy, #2 in the series. The three members of the Saddle Club - Carole, Lisa & Stevie - enjoy a fun overnight camping trip.

But when they return and a horse owned by another girl is injured and has to be put down, Carole is devastated. She often rode the horse, Cobalt, and is now "horse shy" in her grief - avoiding all horses.

Carole's friends try to encourage her to return to the stable and eventually Carole faces her fears.

The only negative comment I have is that Cobalt is described as a stallion. Not only would a minor rider not be riding a high-strung stallion at a stable, but also Cobalt would not have been turned out in a pasture with mares and geldings.

I just don't understand why writers feel that the featured horse has to be a stallion when a gelding or mare would be more suitable and not take away any emotion in the story.

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