Monday, May 27, 2013

Great Summer Read for Horse Lovers!

Horse lovers of all ages will enjoy There Must Be Horses by Diana Kimpton. Even those not into equines will enjoy the likable main character and hope she achieves her dream.

Sasha is an orphaned teen longing for a family to keep her after a series of unsuitable matches. She wants not just any family, however, but one with horses. She lands on a horse farm she thinks is perfect, but the couple made it very clear on the first day that they don't want a permanent placement.

The same day Sasha arrives, a new horse does too. One as wild and as distrusting as she is, and so a bond forms with her and Meteor.

The author is from England so horse terms are a little different: a lorry is a horse van, a metre is about a yard and a headcollar is a halter etc. But the language doesn't take away the emotional draw to Sasha, who can be a little bit of a drama queen but understandable because of her background.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Wild Thing: Winnie the Horse Gentler

Winnie the Horse Gentler is the first book of the series by Dandi Daley Mackall and features a grey Arabian mare named Wild Thing, due to her wild behavior. Winnie, a young horse lover, and her sister, Lizzy, meet the horse one foggy day and to Winnie, the wild creature is the horse of her dreams.

After her mother's death, Winnie and her family move about often, so she doesn't make many friends at each new location. But she does search out the area for horses and offers to work at stables. This Ohio home appeals to both Winnie and Lizzy but they'll need a plan to be able to stay. Wild Thing, and the helpful new friends the girls make, come to their aid in achieving their goal, but not without many obstacles. And Winnie discovers she has inherited her mother's gift with horses.

This is a delightful story and includes a very educational resource list at the end with equine terms for young horse enthusiasts.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Matty and the Moonlight Horse

Matty and the Moonlight Horse by Jane Ayres was first published in 1998 in Finland and 2005 in USA. The revised 2012 edition sent to me for a review is dedicated to Redwings Horse Sanctuary to whom all profits are donated.

Matty Mathews is a thirteen-year-old horse lover and spends her free time with her best friends, Ronnie, Spike and Gina, at a nearby riding school. They work there doing daily chores and sometimes are allowed to ride for free. They have their favorite mounts at Miss Pugh's stable. Of course, they all long for their own pony. Matty falls in love with a gorgeous grey named Snowstorm who she rides without permission, getting her in trouble.

Then, one evening after a movie (one with a horse in it of course), Matty and her friends miss the last bus and walk home. They take a shortcut through a graveyard and that's where they find a loose horse.

The adventures continue with the girls hiding their Moonlight horse in an old haunted fort. Matty and the horse form a bond and the girl's dream of showing her horse comes true.

This delightful tale is timeless - young girls dreaming of owning their own horse - and the characters are engaging. The ending leads the reader to wanting more, and the author continues the adventures of Matty in two more books.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Horseman Spell by Cheryl Rhodes

Horseman Spell by Cheryl Rhodes is a lovely equine romance story between a horse lover and a Standardbred trainer.

Pam White is a freelance writer in Canada and enjoys a quiet life at her childhood home with her horse, Ranger. When the brother of her ex-boyfriend moves in next door, her life is soon chaotic. Pam and Scott have an on and off attraction for each other, but Scott's brother, Lyle, makes it difficult for them both.

Other community issues personally effect Pam including a possibility of selling a wooded nature area to expand the local racetrack and some home invasions.

The author has a gift of  storytelling for horse lovers who enjoy romance novels!