Friday, October 3, 2008

Wild Horses

Wild Horses by Jenny Oldfield

It's hard to believe that this book was written by a British woman. She included a descriptive setting of the Colorado mountains that gives the feel of a longtime resident. The horses' characteristics were also realistic except for a few instances - in America, head collars are called halters and the Quarter Horse breed is capitalized.

The story itself was enjoyable with a spunky heroine and an exciting climax. Kirstie attempts to save a wild stallion after he was injured in a rock slide. In return, he ends up saving her life after a flash flood.

After reading this book, it makes you want to book your next vacation on a guest ranch out west!
The cover is fantastic with a photo by Mark J. Barrett and so are the interior sketches by Paul Hunt.

This book is one of a new series out for young girls titled The Horses of Half Moon Ranch by Jenny Oldfield. There are over a million copies sold in the UK, and Sourcebooks, Inc. is the U.S. publisher. Visit:

Next on my reading list is the second book of the series, Rodeo Rocky.
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