Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ride from the Heart DVD

Ride from the Heart DVD

The Art of Communication

By Jenny Rolfe

Cracking Media

50 minutes - $37.00

To purchase on-line, go to: http://www.spanishdressagehorses.com

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Reviewed by Carol M. Upton

Training is about connection with our horse with love, harmony and respect. The more we understand the ways of the horse, the more we understand our own feelings. As a result we can live in more harmony - not only with our horse - but with ourselves. ~ Jenny Rolfe

U.K. riding instructor Jenny Rolfe teaches innovative techniques of core breathing to connect with the horse and help the rider to find harmony in body, mind and spirit. Now these techniques are available in progressive and well-organized detail on the DVD Ride from the Heart.

Rolfe’s principles are based in dressage, but applicable to all forms of riding. She demonstrates with her Iberian stallions using liberty work, not only as a training aid, but also as a warm-up, re-establishing connection on the ground prior to riding. The object is calm, assertive leadership, and total empathy between horse and handler.

The DVD includes common training tips such as not pulling on a horse’s head when leading. There are also excellent demonstrations of Rolfe’s exercise system to improve the rider’s body awareness. Exercises, loosely based on Tai Chi, are done in standing positions. The rider is then soft and relaxed when mounted, and thus the horse is as well. Most athletes already use such techniques prior to competition, but not much has been offered on DVD for the equestrian.

Instructors will value this DVD as a teaching tool for all levels, but it additionally offers fresh perspectives on position and groundwork. It is really for anyone who wants to help their horse become a more confident athlete and simply create a better ride.

Jenny Rolfe’s clients come from all over the world and include those professionally involved with horses, among them BHS trainers, physiotherapists and natural horsemanship instructors. She is also an artist and author of the book Ride from the Heart.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Celebrate National Book Month!

October is National Book Month, and one way to enjoy horses is to read about them! How about reading my Beloved Horses series? Or, give them as a gift to a horse lover!

I'm offering a special on the set: $50 plus $5 shipping. That's like buying three and getting one free! All will be personally signed to you or a gift recipient.

My Beloved Horses series are illustrated collections of true short stories about the special bonds between horses and their riders.

The first one, Beloved School Horses, features stories from my Unicorn Stables I operated in Maryland and Pennsylvania from 1975 until 2000. It also includes riders from some of the five summer equestrian camp programs I directed, and the stories are funny, uplifting and educational.

Beloved Horses From Around the Country is the second in the series, and the stories are about the amazing relationships between riders and their mounts in a variety of locations including a handicapped riding program in Hawaii as featured on the cover.

Beloved Sport Horses describes horses in diverse disciplines including the cover horse owned by Katie Prudent. From polo to fox hunting, and Western to Dressage, horses give their heart to their riders for the sport they both love.

Beloved Horses in Second Careers is the latest edition and features horses who have participated in two or more equine activities including international teams and backyard owners.

In 2012, the fifth book of the series, Beloved Horses From Around the World, will include a variety of breeds from several countries. If you would like to have your special horse considered, please e-mail me information about you and your beloved horse to sharonminer@yahoo.com.

To order this special set, call me with a Visa or Master Card at 814-937-0704. Orders will be shipped the next day with Priority Mail.