Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Raja - Story of a Racehorse

I was pleasantly surprised when I read this novel, Raja, by Anne Hambleton. At first, I thought it was a true story of an unknown racehorse, but as soon as I began reading it, I realized it was a novel a-la-Black Beauty in a contemporary U.S. east coast setting.

In the beginning, Raja, a Thoroughbred colt born in Ocala, Florida, describes his childhood and how his dam was struck and killed by lightning. This caused him to be panic-stricken whenever he experienced a thunderstorm no matter who was riding him. A series of events causes him to be moved from the track to several different stables - some nice and some not so much.

Like Black Beauty, this novel explains the special bonds between horses and riders, the horrors of some trainers and the unfortunate truth behind horse auctions.

It was a delight to read how Raja met up with childhood friends later in life, both human and equine.

A great read for all horse lovers by this former steeplechase jockey!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Rocky Mountain Horses

Bonnie Hodge has written a wonderful book on the Rocky Mountain Horse breed. This is a "must have" resource for anyone interested in purchasing or raising this special horse. The history of this gaited breed and the description of its conformation, colors and personality along with more than 200 color photographs is included.

The founding breeders and their stallions and mares make for interesting stories as well.

Read about the author at

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Riding for the Stars by Maggie Dana

Here's another hit by Maggie Dana in her Timber Ridge Riders series. This time, in Riding for the Stars, Kate and Holly are excited to meet the stars of the movie, Moonlight, a vampire story based on a popular book series. But what is really catching their emotions is the fact that a rider from their Timber Ridge Stable will play the stunt double for the heroine of the movie. Kate and Holly's black horse, Magician, are competing for the spot against other riders, but their teen foe, Angela, is also planning to secure the position and will do anything to foil Kate's chances. 

The author not only further develops the main characters in this third book of her series, but also describes a realistic and unique plot line. And, of course, the setting is a delight for all ages of horse enthusiasts!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chosen by a Horse

Chosen by a Horse is an equine memoir by Susan Richards. It is the touching story about her journey through a difficult life and how a special horse assisted her in understanding and overcoming her challenges.

When Susan is called about rescued Standardbreds, she really didn't need to add a horse to her herd of three. But the SPCA was in desperate need of homes for 40 neglected horses and Susan drove home with the first mare and foal that walked into her trailer.

Lay Me Down needed more than TLC; she need proper nutrition and health care. Her rowdy foal was soon taken away by the owner, but the mare stayed with Susan who soon nursed her back to health. He glimpses into the adjustments of life with this new horse, including introducing the mare to the herd, is mixed with anecdotes of Susan's troubled childhood and adult life.

This story is well written and draws the reader in right away as if she is sitting across from you at a long lunch while telling her story. I highly recommend it!