Sunday, February 24, 2013

Riding for the Stars by Maggie Dana

Here's another hit by Maggie Dana in her Timber Ridge Riders series. This time, in Riding for the Stars, Kate and Holly are excited to meet the stars of the movie, Moonlight, a vampire story based on a popular book series. But what is really catching their emotions is the fact that a rider from their Timber Ridge Stable will play the stunt double for the heroine of the movie. Kate and Holly's black horse, Magician, are competing for the spot against other riders, but their teen foe, Angela, is also planning to secure the position and will do anything to foil Kate's chances. 

The author not only further develops the main characters in this third book of her series, but also describes a realistic and unique plot line. And, of course, the setting is a delight for all ages of horse enthusiasts!