Sunday, June 13, 2010

Full Mortality

Full Mortality by Sasscer Hill

Jockey Nikki Latrelle is a murder suspect. The evidence mounts against her – two dead horses, a syringe with her fingerprints and a dead jockey. She’s banned from the track but is determined to find out who is killing and why. She finds support and help from old and new friends, and along the way she also saves a race horse from slaughter. The book includes realistic racing life setting, both the good and the bad. If you like mysteries with a horse involved – think Dick Francis with a female jockey – you’ll enjoy this fast paced novel that keeps you guessing.Visit

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stable Groom

The Saddle Club series are fun reads, even if you're not a teen!

This one, Stable Groom, by Bonnie Bryant, is a play on words. The stable groom, Red, is verbally abused by a self-absorbed rider, Veronica (as seen on the cover). The soon-to-be-married groom, Max, is in charge of the stable but distracted during lessons.

Secrets abound at Pine Hollow Stables, some created by the Saddle Club girls (Lisa, Stevie and Carole) and some surprise them! But their intentions are always good, even if they leave chaos in their wake.

What I like is the realistic horsey setting that subtly teaches young readers, yet the characters and plot make
you laugh. This one was published in 1995, but is very relevant today.