Sunday, November 13, 2011

Painting & Drawing Horses by Jennifer Bell

I bought this book for my great-granddaughter. She is only 6 years old, but she not only LOVES horses, but also loves to draw them. She's always asking me to show her how - all I can draw is a cartoon horsehead...

The author includes text with her artwork - about what started her "horse doodles" as she calls them, and instructions with the sketches. She explains that one must use geometry (circles, ovals and triangles) as well as different shapes such a a kite for the horse's head. Very clever and imaginative.

She shows poses and horses in action, breeds, different disciplines, foals and even cartoons. I love where she explains how to show expression with the horse's body language.

This may not be quite right for my young horse lover, but she will appreciate it as she grows up I'm sure. Meanwhile, she may color the sketches and get a sense of the equine.