Thursday, December 16, 2010


Puddleby by Thea Wilcox is an adorable story full of magic, excitement, comedy and wisdom. The artwork, by Lorraine Ortner-Blake is fabulous!

A chestnut pony, named Puddleby, has a special bond with a pot-bellied pig named Smooch and a white goose named Cedric. Together they learn about life lessons such as the meaning of true friendship, especially after they are moved to a different farm. There, they make new friends, especially with their new owner, Miss Thea, who has a unique skill with animals.

This story is sure to bring a smile to a youngster's face, and that is the author's intent. Thea Wilcox, from Ocala, Florida, has a real pony named Puddleby who travels with her around the country to support the Going Miles For Smiles Foundation (GMFS). This non-profit's goal is to bring a lasting smile to those less fortunate. Proceeds from the sale of this book and other merchandise support the foundation. Visit for more information and to place an order.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Trouble with Being a Horse

The Trouble with Being a Horse by Emily Edwards has an interesting perspective - the viewpoint of a human in a horses' body!

This delightful and educational fantasy is part Wizard of Oz (there's no place like home) and Black Beauty (not all horse owners are nice) and I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I was even surprised by the ending; I thought the young horse lover, Olivia, would return to her human body - but how? I won't ruin it for you!

This is a "must read" for young horse enthusiasts because it also teaches them the importance of communication with the horse when working around and riding them.

To learn more, visit

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Sale!

Holiday Sale - perfect for horse lovers!

Buy the 4 book set of the Beloved Horses series, and save $10! They retail for $14.95 each, but through December 31, buy the set for $50. Includes the latest release, Beloved Horses in Second Careers.
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For those who have some of the set, and just want to order the new book, deduct $10 if order ANY four of my books! See my book list at

Any questions or problems, contact me at or the number above.

Have a safe, healthy and blessed Holiday Season!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Rescue Me by Toni Leland

Rescue Me by Toni Leland is a fantastic read. What an awesome concept! A woman and horses all need rescuing - and a hero comes to the rescue!

Julia Dorsey overcomes her fear of her husband and changes her life, although sacrificing her passion for a special Morgan Horse. In her new life, she meets a kind truck driver and a woman who rescues horses. Julia learns about true friendship, love and trust.

The story is written with a realistic insight to both abused women and horses. The author builds the tension to a dramatic climax, and leaves you cheering in the end.

Visit the author's site at

Friday, November 5, 2010

Playing With Lukas

Playing With Lukas by Karen Murdock of Chino Hills, California is a heartwarming memoir of a woman and her horse.

Lukas is a Thoroughbred who was once considered a throwaway due to his unruly behavior. However, Murdock unlocked the gelding’s tractable personality through unconventional training. Now, Lukas is an equine celebrity and named The World’s Smartest Horse with numerous tricks in his repertoire.

Lukas is featured in my Beloved Horses in Second Careers, but this book gives much more detail about the early life of Karen, how she found Lukas and how she was able to turn him into a true partner.

I met Karen last month at the Certified Horsemen's Association conference in Florida where we were both presenters, and I was very impressed with her way of communicating with a local horse in her program, one she had never met. She is a talented trainer as well as an author.

For more information about Karen, Lukas and the book, visit

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Down the Aisle - For the Love of Horses

Down the Aisle - For the Love of Horses by Leslie McDonald is a wonderful memoir sure to inspire any horse lover to overcome their own personal obstacles on their path to horse utopia.

Leslie shares her childhood memories on pony rides, teenage angst while taking riding lessons and married life with a non-horse husband. For many horse people (including myself) these shared scenes will trigger their own horsey memories - both the good days and bad days. It's wonderful to know that you are not alone with these "strange" feelings for the magnificent equine.

Despite setbacks, and like most true horsemen, Leslie never gives up on her dream. And now she offers a site where a reader's personal reflection can be shared at and books can be ordered there as well.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Smarty Jones Talks

Quips, Quotes & Oats - Smarty Jones Talks by Robert L. Merz is a great story straight from the horse's mouth. Told by Smarty Jones, this book will be enjoyed by sports and horse fans of all ages.

Smarty Jones shares his background - from his birth, to his training to his Run for the Roses. Quotes from his owners, Roy and Pat Chapman, and others that shaped his life (trainer John Servis and jockey Stewart Elliot) are included. And the horse also educates the reader with equine wisdom, history of the horse and racing insight.

The book includes terrific close up photos and details of his head injury in a starting gate as a two-year-old that was so severe, any chance of racing was considered out of the question. But Smarty Jones proved them wrong as he became Philadelphia's hero!

Visit the author's site for more information and to order:

Monday, October 11, 2010

More Authors from my Book Tour!

These authors I met at the Collingswoods, NJ Book Festival on October 2nd. Their names and info are below. Check out their sites and let them know I sent you!

Shelena Shorts -

Rich Westcott -

Robert Merz -

Mary Marino - available at

Deanna Pinns-Lawson -

Carol A. Kivler -

Dwayne S. Henson - available at

Latasha Dyer - available at

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Authors I met on my Equestrian Book Tour!

These are the wonderful authors I met at Dutch Wonderland's Reading Jamboree in Lancaster, PA on the last weekend of September. They write for adults and children, and below are their names and websites. Visit them and let them know I sent you! Everyone knows a kid or a friend who would love one of their books!

Pat Brisson -

Mignon Pinson -

Ken Monro - Sammy & Brian Mysteries; E-mail:

Kay Winters -

Jeff Clineff -

Faith Reese Martin -

Daryl Cobb -

Connie Sprenkle -

Carol J. Haile -

Becky Birtha -

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beloved Horses in Second Careers Release Date!

The much anticipated 4th book in my Beloved Horses series will be officially released on September 25th. That day is the first event for my 2010 Equestrian Book Tour to celebrate the launch of the book. It will be held at the Dutch Wonderland Reading Jamboree near Lancaster, PA.
See for details.

The popularity of the Book Cover Contest determined the final cover, featuring all four of the selected horses - Angel, a Miniature Horse; Miko, a Nokota Horse; Spot, A Paint Horse; and JB, a Standardbred.

The 25 stories include photographs and describe how these special horses changed the lives of their new owners. The Table of Contents below explains their breed, owner, background and current discipline. Some horses are renowned, such as Horse of the Year, Jamaica, the foundation horse for Chester C. Weber's International Combined Driving Team, and Lukas, dubbed the World's Smartest Horse and an equine celebrity. Others are backyard horses but still near and dear to their owner's hearts.

View my website - http:/ - after September 25th for details on ordering. A new site is in the planning stages, so make sure you reload the page if cached - the new site will feature all 8 of my books, including Beloved Horses in Second Careers.

Table of Contents




Chapter Title



Grey Quarter Horse

Nicole Drumheller Gargus

Finding Shane



Miniature Horse

Martha Duchnowski,

Broodmare to Combined Driving Champion



Palomino Paint

Missy Wryn

Orphan Syndrome Rescue to Clinic Mount



Morgan Horse

Hannah Davis

School Horse to Christmas Surprise



Quarter Horse

Linda Vital

Police Horse to Therapy Mount




Jane Bugni

Rehab to Champion Hunter


Dee Dee:

Quarter Horse

Joanie Loveless

Rescued Equine to School Horse




Judith Catchpole

Racehorse to Show Horse




Patti Magennis

Racehorse/Broodmare to Champion Show Horse




Betty Jo Bock

Show Horse to Psychotherapy Equine




Suzi Hek

Racehorse to Versatile Equine




Connie McComb

Harness Racer to Police Horse to Therapy Mount



Paint Horse

Brandy Crago

Rodeo Performer to Therapy Horse



Dutch Warmblood

Chester C. Weber

Slaughter Rescue to Livery Horse to International Driving Champion




Helene Gregory

Racehorse to Versatile Show Horse




Karen Murdock

Throwaway Horse to Equine Celebrity



Quarter Horse cross

Joe Mathews & Maggie

Rescued Horse to Jumper in Training



Nokota Horse

Haley Stuscavage

Wild Horse Breed to American Sport Pony




Karen Dilly

Rescued Horse to Therapy Mount



Quarter Horse

Leeann Fleetwood

Ranch Horse to Search & Rescue Mount



American Saddlebred

Isabella Bertolani

World Champion Saddlebred to Youth Mount



Tennessee Walking Horse

Charlotte Dutton

Amish Buggy Horse to Trail Companion



Paint Horse

Caitlyn Keyes & Gene Lane

Pony Club to Therapy Mount


Sugar Pie:

Miniature Horse

Lori Horner

Broodmare to Therapy Mount



Belgium Draft

Lauren Quintana

Logging Horse to Trail Mount Legend




Kathy & Aubrey Kriebel

Racehorse to Show Horse