Friday, November 5, 2010

Playing With Lukas

Playing With Lukas by Karen Murdock of Chino Hills, California is a heartwarming memoir of a woman and her horse.

Lukas is a Thoroughbred who was once considered a throwaway due to his unruly behavior. However, Murdock unlocked the gelding’s tractable personality through unconventional training. Now, Lukas is an equine celebrity and named The World’s Smartest Horse with numerous tricks in his repertoire.

Lukas is featured in my Beloved Horses in Second Careers, but this book gives much more detail about the early life of Karen, how she found Lukas and how she was able to turn him into a true partner.

I met Karen last month at the Certified Horsemen's Association conference in Florida where we were both presenters, and I was very impressed with her way of communicating with a local horse in her program, one she had never met. She is a talented trainer as well as an author.

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