Monday, February 2, 2009

WILD HORSES by Dick Francis

Dick Francis has always been one of my favorite authors because he mixes horses in with mysteries. His description of the horse world in England is fascinating and his plots are exciting. And I love the modern covers! Wild Horses is a great read.

Francis writes his novels in first person, but his main characters change in personality and their line of work. Most are riders, but in this 1994 novel, the protagonist is a movie director with a racing background.

When Thomas Lyons begins filming a movie based on a book based on a real life family involved with race horses, he finds himself needing to discover the reason for a young woman's suicide. Or was it murder, and why? And who doesn't want the movie to be finished? What secrets will be exposed as he delves into the past?

From his old friend's dying confession to a death threat on himself, Lyons is determined to overcome all obstacles to not only finish the film but also solve the real life crime.