Sunday, October 31, 2010

Down the Aisle - For the Love of Horses

Down the Aisle - For the Love of Horses by Leslie McDonald is a wonderful memoir sure to inspire any horse lover to overcome their own personal obstacles on their path to horse utopia.

Leslie shares her childhood memories on pony rides, teenage angst while taking riding lessons and married life with a non-horse husband. For many horse people (including myself) these shared scenes will trigger their own horsey memories - both the good days and bad days. It's wonderful to know that you are not alone with these "strange" feelings for the magnificent equine.

Despite setbacks, and like most true horsemen, Leslie never gives up on her dream. And now she offers a site where a reader's personal reflection can be shared at and books can be ordered there as well.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Smarty Jones Talks

Quips, Quotes & Oats - Smarty Jones Talks by Robert L. Merz is a great story straight from the horse's mouth. Told by Smarty Jones, this book will be enjoyed by sports and horse fans of all ages.

Smarty Jones shares his background - from his birth, to his training to his Run for the Roses. Quotes from his owners, Roy and Pat Chapman, and others that shaped his life (trainer John Servis and jockey Stewart Elliot) are included. And the horse also educates the reader with equine wisdom, history of the horse and racing insight.

The book includes terrific close up photos and details of his head injury in a starting gate as a two-year-old that was so severe, any chance of racing was considered out of the question. But Smarty Jones proved them wrong as he became Philadelphia's hero!

Visit the author's site for more information and to order:

Monday, October 11, 2010

More Authors from my Book Tour!

These authors I met at the Collingswoods, NJ Book Festival on October 2nd. Their names and info are below. Check out their sites and let them know I sent you!

Shelena Shorts -

Rich Westcott -

Robert Merz -

Mary Marino - available at

Deanna Pinns-Lawson -

Carol A. Kivler -

Dwayne S. Henson - available at

Latasha Dyer - available at

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Authors I met on my Equestrian Book Tour!

These are the wonderful authors I met at Dutch Wonderland's Reading Jamboree in Lancaster, PA on the last weekend of September. They write for adults and children, and below are their names and websites. Visit them and let them know I sent you! Everyone knows a kid or a friend who would love one of their books!

Pat Brisson -

Mignon Pinson -

Ken Monro - Sammy & Brian Mysteries; E-mail:

Kay Winters -

Jeff Clineff -

Faith Reese Martin -

Daryl Cobb -

Connie Sprenkle -

Carol J. Haile -

Becky Birtha -