Sunday, October 17, 2010

Smarty Jones Talks

Quips, Quotes & Oats - Smarty Jones Talks by Robert L. Merz is a great story straight from the horse's mouth. Told by Smarty Jones, this book will be enjoyed by sports and horse fans of all ages.

Smarty Jones shares his background - from his birth, to his training to his Run for the Roses. Quotes from his owners, Roy and Pat Chapman, and others that shaped his life (trainer John Servis and jockey Stewart Elliot) are included. And the horse also educates the reader with equine wisdom, history of the horse and racing insight.

The book includes terrific close up photos and details of his head injury in a starting gate as a two-year-old that was so severe, any chance of racing was considered out of the question. But Smarty Jones proved them wrong as he became Philadelphia's hero!

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Chris said...

You can't quite beat 'straight from the horse's mouth', can you? :) Thanks for sharing, looks like one worth checking out!