Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Frequent Flyer

Fequent Flyer by Hal Wentworth is about a horse show dad who buys a mysterious horse for his horse-crazy daughter, and the Thoroughbred is given the name Frequent Flyer. The family becomes involved in trying to save the people connected to the horse, while evading the people trying to steal Flyer.

When Eric Davidson's daughter, Olivia, was born he gave her a stuffed toy horse. His wife, Marnie, encouraged the girl to ride as she grew older. When she became a teen and was trained by a coach, Marnie explained that Olivia needed her own horse. Eric happened upon a horse while lost in Vermont and was convinced by the owner that the horse needed him. At first his family and the girl's riding coach were not happy about the purchase, but as Flyer's talents were revealed, a bond formed between the Thoroughbred and the family.

Enter a strange Native Indian, and some other equally unusual characters, and the story escalates to a higher level, but a very interesting one. I don't want to give other details, but the ride is worth the trip! The story has humor, drama and a realistic equine setting.

I'm not a fan of most fantasy, but this one was a delight from beginning to end.