Sunday, November 7, 2021

Believing in Horses Out West by Valerie Ormond


This third book in Valerie Ormand's Believing in Horses series continues with Sadie and her deep love of horses. This time, one of the horses she rescued is taken in by a ranch in Montana. Her family, in Maryland, decide to take a vacation to the ranch resort to check on the sweet mare. Little did Sadie know that there were criminal elements at the ranch despite the well meaning owners. With the help of understanding parents, a resourceful brother, a feisty grandmother and new friends, Sadie saves the mare and other horses from training abuse.

An exciting and educational book for horse lovers of all ages!

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The False Favorite by Josh Boldt


What horse lover doesn't love a good mystery set at the Kentucky Derby?

Cal is hired by the owner of the favorite horse after her husband dies under a suspicious suicide. He mingles with the ultra wealthy and elicits help to find out who would have motive.

The author obviously knows the Churchill Downs area and details of the derby. Exciting plot and great characters!

We had a great tour their in 2018!