Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Must Read for Horse Lovers!

Believing in Horses

Believing in Horses by Valerie Ormond is an inspirational story of a young girl with lofty goals, but who perseveres to attain them.

Horse lover, Sadie, is 12 and with her family's help, she chooses a perfect horse after choosing the perfect boarding stable. But the real challenge is her ambition to save ten horses that are scheduled to go to a horse auction.

With gumption and ingenuity, Sadie researches, makes presentations and secures homes for all of them. Now, she just has to be the highest bidder at the auction and stay within her budget.

The setting and characters are realistic, and the author has the reader spellbound with each scene, wondering what will happen next.

I found myself saying to Sadie, "You go, girl!"


Valerie Ormond said...

Thank you, Sharon, for this wonderful review. It means a lot coming from someone with both your horse and your writing experience. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Sincerely, Valerie

Christine said...

Love the title! A story I'll have to add to my purchase list and review on my blog too! :)