Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sonrise Stable - Rosie and Scamper

Sonrise Stable - Rosie and Scamper is part of a series by Vicki Watson.

This adorable story is both educational and Christian-based.

Rosie loves to assist her grandmother at the stable. After a beloved mare dies shortly after giving birth, the young girl helps to train the orphan foal. They name him Scamper.

A neighbor takes in a foster girl named Carrie, and soon Rosie has a best friend and a riding pal.

The details of horse care and horsemanship at shows are realistic, as are the situations that the girls find themselves in. And Grandma is always there to teach them about how God is watching over them.

The only jolt was the two year jump forward from Scamper's birth to his mounted training. Maybe it would have been better to start on that first day of riding, with a reflection on how it came to be.

Or break up the book into two. An eight-year-old's emotions and reactions would be so different to a ten-year-old's perspective. I would have liked more about the younger Rosie learning groundwork with Scamper.

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