Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My New Book - Beloved Sport Horses

Beloved Sport Horses

My latest book will make a wonderful gift for horse and animal lovers of all ages. Olympic Show Jumper, Katie Prudent of Plain Bay Farm in Middleburg, Virginia, is featured on the cover and in the first chapter. The story, "Striving For Excellence," is about how she survived brain surgery and with the help of a special mare named Belladonna, won seven cars and a million dollars in the Grand Prix ring. Before retiring, Belladonna also aided Katie's son, Adam, succeed in the Junior Division.

Like the first two books, Beloved Sport Horses is a collection of true short stories about 30 horses and the unique bonds between them and their riders as they compete in a variety of disciplines. Photographs, rather than illustrations, are included in this edition.

Read about Pat from Texas and her cutting horse, Freckles. Pat learned the art of cutting when in her fifties. Two decades later, she is still competing - she states she'd rather fall off a horse than a rocking chair!

Read about Lynn Palm, a renowned trainer from Florida, and her horse, My Royal Lark, as the pair perform at Equine Affaire and other exhibitions.

Learn how the successful horse trainer, Frank, overcame his fear of falling while jumping when he was a teenager.

And then there is Jill and her soul mate, Blue Diamond - the pair was hit by a truck and survived. Currently, Jill shows on the "A" Hunter/Jumper circuit while Blue enjoys retirement.

As the young rider, Alexa, states, the greatest memories are not always made in the show ring, but during the journey to get there.

There are stories about Western horses, a polo pony, a Miniature Horse Champion, a fox hunter and even trick horses!

The anecdotes are funny, amazing and inspirational.

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Next time, I'll review another equine author's book.

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