Monday, April 21, 2008

Deadly Heritage by Toni Leland

If you enjoy Romance Novels with a realistic equine setting, then you must read books by Toni Leland! I just finished Deadly Heritage and look forward to reading her three other novels.

Deadly Heritage takes place on a Quarter Horse ranch in Oklahoma and Toni describes in detail some of the history of the area. She includes that history in the plot of the story, creating the heroine, Kellie Sutton, with an interesting family background.

Kellie's most valuable horses have been secretly attacked to ruin her business. Made to look like a spider bite, the infection causes the death of her beloved stallion. The new sheriff investigates the case (along with other problems in town) and Kellie is surprised that he is her former sweetheart that she dumped many years ago.

Although the ending is predictable (love wins out and bad guys get their just desserts), the journey to reach the end is exciting, colorful and full of surprises. I just loved the young daughter, Sara, and her actions and reactions to the circumstances she encounters.

I applaud Toni for the way she writes the realistic details about horses, their health and personalities. A word of warning, however - if you have just recently lost a horse, the first few chapters may have you sobbing all over again.

But isn't that what makes a great novel? One that touches you emotionally?
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