Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rodeo Rocky

I really enjoyed Kirstie's adventure with this wild horse!

After seeing a gorgeous bay horse encounter frightening situations at a rodeo, Kirstie wants to save it from more of the same. Her understanding mother steps in and offers a huge amount of money to buy the wild stallion so the bay won't have to endure any more rodeo hardships.

The traumatized horse takes awhile to trust the young girl but soon Kirstie is able to slip on a halter and lead him from the small paddock on her farm where he is first kept, to the bigger pasture with other horses. Rocky makes friends with another horse named Lucky who teaches him that all humans are not bad.

Soon, Kirstie is able to ride Rocky and they encounter more difficulties. As usual, Kirstie has one adventure after another but her love for horses keeps her from giving up.

The scenes are vivid and realistic, especially when Lucky is stuck in the muddy bog and Rocky helps to save his friend. The only fault is that a stallion (a wild one at that!) would not be turned out in a pasture with both mares and geldings, nor ridden and trained by a youngster.

But author Jenny Oldfield creates a great story with endearing characters and really makes you feel like you are on a horse ranch out west.
This is one of a new series out for young girls titled, "The Horses of Half Moon Ranch," by Jenny Oldfield. With over a million copies sold in the UK, Jenny Oldfield's loveable and adventurous heroine, Kirstie Scott, will win the hearts of girls and boys everywhere.


Leslie said...

This series sounds like a good one for girls, maybe boys, suppose it depended on the boy. I'm happy to see there are more of these kinds of horse books out these days and more writers writing them. Nice review, Sharon!

Jessica Burkhart said...

Sounds like a great read! I'll check it out. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your review! I'm half way through the first of this series and have so many books and not enough time to read them all!