Monday, May 11, 2009

Secrets & Ghost Horses

Author Holly McClure has a wonderful mystery book out titled Secrets & Ghost Horses. The setting is the Low Country in South Carolina and the protagonists are twin sisters, Hannah and Aislinn.

The thirteen-year-old sisters spend a summer with their parents at an old family residence, one where there father had been born in. The girls pout about having a boring place to spend their vacation, that is until they meet a handsome young man and his horses. The excitement really begins when they realize their new friends are ghosts and the boy asks for their help in finding his murderer.

This Young Adult mystery novel will appeal to adults as well. There's mystery, suspense, humor and history of the wild horses from the Carolinas.

Besides an author, Holly McClure is also a literary agent for her company, Sullivan Maxx ( ).

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