Monday, October 5, 2009

Snow Melts in Spring

How refreshing to read a Christian Romance novel with an accurate horse setting! Deborah Vogts has written a memorable story about a female veterinarian and a rancher's son in Snow Melts in Spring.

Mattie Evans loves the Flint Hills of Kansas and attempts to build a practice there. A local rancher, John McCray, asks her to save a severely injured horse that is owned by his son and was hit by a car. Gil is estranged from his father and plays on a national football team. But he plans to retire and start a horse ranch in California. His goals change when he arrives home and meets Mattie.

They both have to overcome personal obstacles, both physical and emotional, before they can accept their strong feelings for each other.

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Kelly Wentling said...

This book was so good and hard to put down,,can't wait till the 2nd book comes out.