Sunday, July 25, 2010

Alison Hart - Horse Mystery Books

Shadow Horse and Whirlwind are written by Alison Hart, a rider from Virginia.

These two books are addictive reads! In fact, they really are one story - since I wouldn't want to read one without the other.

Teenager, Jas, is a horse crazy girl, but unlike others (in stories or real life) she becomes a foster child when her grandfather ( and only family) is rushed to the hospital and she assaults Hugh, a rich stable owner. In order to prove to the court that she can be released from the system, Jas has many lessons to learn besides on horseback - controlling her temper, making goals and trusting others.

The author weaves these inner conflicts with Jas external goal - to prove that Hugh has killed horses for the insurance money.

As Jas befriends a teenage boy, Chase, and others at the home of her foster parent, Miss Hahn, she also learns that not all stables or horse owners are alike.

I really like how the author describes the differences as well as the other realistic equine background - a horse auction, horse insurance scams and equine rescue fundraising.

With help from her new friends, Jas reaches her goals.

My only letdown was the lack of a final scene between Jas and Chase - maybe there is another book in the future?

PS: Read Shadow first!


Alison said...

Thanks Sharon! Love your horse book review and of course, Woogie's Travels!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Check out another horsey blog:

Beth said...

These are AWESOME books. I love both of them and REALLY hope she writes another one!!!