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A Fork in the Trail by Laurie Ann March

A special addition book review!

A Fork in the Trail:

Mouthwatering meals and Tempting treats for the backcountry

by Laurie Ann March

Touchwood Editions, 2008. $19.95

ISBN 13: 978-1-894898-66-9

Available through Amazon and Chapters/Indigo

Or signed copies from the author at

Reviewed by Carol M. Upton:

Turn ordinary outings into a gourmet adventure with ease. ~ Laurie Ann Marsh

Summer weather always makes horse lovers want to pack a lunch and hit the trail. If you’ve generally made do with snack bars and fruit, change it up with A Fork in the Trail and discover how much zing there can be to backcountry food. Your next trail ride, whether one day or a camp out, can include decadent feasting and it won’t require exotic ingredients or hours of prep time. Laurie Ann March, an experienced wilderness cooking instructor, offers simple and imaginative recipes here, some specifically designed for your kids.

There is an entire section devoted to common ingredients and menu plans, including breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks and desserts, for up to six days. You can choose from recipes to cook and eat in camp or in the saddle, so there is something for everyone. Bean Cakes and Nut Breads can start the day, and Lemon Wasabi Hummus, Rollups and Wraps work for lunch. When you’ve stopped for the night, forgo the usual campfire beans and enjoy African Chicken and Groundnut Stew or Chipotle Sweet Potatoes, all prepared at home and easily heated. Between meals or for your day trip, the kids will enjoy Monkey Gunk or Pizza Gorp while you crunch down on some Ginger Cashew Bark or Berry Yogurt Leather.

A Fork in the Trail contains mouthwatering photography, tips on recipe creation and the best ways to pack your food. Whether you run a guest ranch or just enjoy the scenery on horseback, you will find this unique book a godsend. Why not delight family and friends and start planning your gourmet trail ride right now?

Laurie Ann March is a passionate outdoor entrepreneur who makes her home in Brantford, Ontario. She has taught the online course “Wilderness Cooking: Level I” for a number of years to hundreds of satisfied students. For printable guides, sample recipes and Laurie’s blog of tidbits and food finds, visit

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