Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ghetto Cowboy

G (Greg?) Neri has written a "feel good" story about a boy and a horse set in Philadelphia. The idea is based on true urban cowboy groups.

A Detroit troubled teenager named Cole is dropped off in Philly by his mother who is hoping that her estranged husband will be able to provide guidance. Cole had never met or heard about his father, and is not happy about the situation. So, the rebellious youth runs away at his first chance.

Then he meets the cowboys.

Cole has never seen a real horse so close, but despite his fear of the huge animals, he bonds with another outcast he names Boo.

He learns about horses and life lessons, and becomes closer to his dad along the way. When the ghetto stable is in danger of being closed by the city, Cole has a plan to save the horses, the "Cowboy Way."

I was drawn into the story immediately, and loved the characters the author created. The illustrator's artwork brings the words to life.

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