Tuesday, January 22, 2013

5 Beloved Horses Books!

My Beloved Horses series are illustrated collections of true short stories that appeal to horse lovers of all ages. If you have ever had a special equine that was near and dear to your heart, you will connect with these tales of inspiration, insight and humor.

BELOVED SCHOOL HORSES: Meet Dennis, a gentle school horse who was the reason that an autistic boy smiled for the first time in all of his six years. Smile while reading about Mini, a clever black pony who learned to perform on stage. Be amazed about Knipper, who helped a Viet Nam vet realize his dream to prove he was still a cowboy.

BELOVED HORSES FROM AROUND THE COUNTRY: Horses from Hawaii (cover horse), Alaska and other states are featured in this edition. Laugh over a police horse in training in Seattle, be wowed about two Texas horses and learn about vaulting with Tina.

BELOVED SPORT HORSES: Meet competitive horses in a variety of disciplines from Grand Prix jumping (Katie Prudent and Belladonna on cover) to Western Barrel Racing. Even trick horses, polo and fox hunting are included!

BELOVED HORSES IN SECOND CAREERS: Horses often wear many hats in their lifetime. Racehorses become show horses, show horses become lesson horses and a rescue horse becomes Purina's Horse of the Year (Chester Weber's warmblood, Jamacia).

BELOVED HORSES FROM AROUND THE WORLD:  This newest edition features 27 equines from Aruba, Switzerland, Canada, England as well as the United States. Did you ever wonder if you could tame a zebra? Read about a man's passion for zebras and mules in this edition!

Read more about my books and purchase your copy - print or e-book - for yourself or another horse lover. They are available from these retailers:

  • My site: http://sharonminer.webstarts.com/books.html  Read about my riding and writing background and details about all my books - I also write dog books for Beginner Readers and teen mystery novels. All books are personally signed and mention this blog for free shipping!

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