Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dead Money by Steve O'Brien

Dead Money by Steve O'Brien is another murder mystery set on the racetrack. The same characters from his previous novel, Bullet Work, are included in this one, such as Dan Morgan, a lawyer and the Thoroughbred owner of the undefeated filly, Aly Dancer.

Dan is offered big bucks for Aly and thinks it's a crazy idea. But it's when his trainer's body is found and presumed as a suicide that Dan realizes there are illegal matters surrounding his horse and trainer. His buddy, a betting genius, helps him understand what scam is afoot.

The whole betting scheme was complicated and hard to understand, but the rest of the action, especially the race scenes, were excellent. I was disappointed with the last page involving the man who sets up the scam. But I guess it leaves room open for the next book.

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