Monday, July 1, 2013

Horse Country by Christine Meunier

This novel describes the Down Under adventures of a teen nicknamed Wes who is determined to have a career with horses, a young women named Lise who works at a Thoroughbred Stud Farm and twins Melanie and Maddie who share a passion of training riders and horses at their family's stable.

Wes begins her work experience in high school and continues afterwards working at various types of stables to increase her skills in the horse industry. Lise has her hands full with rowdy yearlings and staff alike. The twins share teaching lessons but soon have different ideas about their futures.

This book would be an excellent reference for young horse lovers wanting to know about the day to day, season to season, life of barn workers in different disciplines. It explains the life at a breeding operation from stallions to broodmare care, and includes the foaling and yearling prep for sales. Then there is the variety positions at horse shows, racetracks and riding stables. Details are explained for teaching beginner riders, for those learning dressage and jumping and also health care and emergency first aid.

It's obvious the author is a professional in the industry and her writing makes the novel easy to read and understand as long as you share her passion for horses. Even the Australian terms can be figured out by American readers.

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