Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Witty and Interesting Riding Novel!

Margaret Fletcher: Gallop Girl, a Fall From Grace at Forty Miles an Hour by Genevieve Dutil won me over at the descriptions of "Hunter Princess" and "Gallop Girl."

When Margaret's father loses all their wealth, the 20 something gal dreams of once again competing at the A-circuit Hunter ring but first she must earn some money, something she never had to do before. She lands a job at a track exercising hot Thoroughbreds and immediately irritates the head rider, Emily, with her outfit and hairnet. But Emily soon learns that this Hunter Princess is a much better rider than her or any of the other exercisers.

Margaret and Emily clash on and off, even after they partner up on a discarded Thoroughbred named Chocolates. But they both learn as they go along, and eventually respect each other. Throw in dysfunctional parents, a jealous and rich Hunter Princess and a sexy boss and this novel will have you laughing in between rooting for the quirky protagonist.

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