Sunday, September 28, 2014

Four Assorted Horse Books

The following books were not "my cup of tea" but other avid equine readers may enjoy. They were sent to me to review:

A Summer Break by Christopher Jessop is a coming of age story about a horse loving English girl on vacation in West Wales. It's not the holiday Sophy had planned, but the new setting provides her an adventure with horses. I found the vernacular, both in the dialog and exposition, hard to understand. I knew what a "bloke" and "lorry" were but not "heed your coxes" or "spinney" just to name a couple. I couldn't finish it.

Amazing Grays by Lynn Baber sounded like an introduction to the author's trilogy, and her memoir about God and her horses. Although running a horse farm always made me feel closer to God, this was too preachy for me.

Iron Shoes by  J. Kathleen Cheney is written like a historical fiction novel. From Amazon's book description:  "Imogen Hawkes is running out of time. She must come up with enough money to prevent the bank from foreclosing on her farm. All her hopes are pinned on her horse winning the Special Stakes." Sounds interesting, until I came to the scene where the new stallion turns into a human man and wants to bed her. I stopped reading it then.

Winning Odds Series, Soon to be a Movie by MaryAnn Myers is book four in the series about horse racing and what goes on behind the scene. Since I didn't read the first three, it didn't hold my interest as her other books. I was lost when the characters spoke about something that happened in the past - in a previous book. The ending was strange as well; I expected more. But, that may be because there will be a book five? The author is an excellent writer, however, so I suggest reading the first three books in the series first.