Monday, September 1, 2014

Hung Up in Bemidji by Kathy Cohen

Hung Up in Bemidji by Kathy Cohen is a combination of rodeo story, mystery and family drama.

Cooper Lydell is a horseman trying to make ends meet while his son heals after a rodeo injury. He's called back to the rodeo scene to replace a murdered "barrel" man - the clown who distracts the bull when the rider falls - and tries to avoid being killed by the bulls and the murderer after a second man is killed.

Coop, his son and a few friends attempt to solve the mystery - in a comical but well-meaning way.

This well written story is exciting and even funny in parts, plus it's educational about the rodeo scene.

The only equine related error I noted was the term of "bute" where the medication should have been called DMSO. Bute is a pill, similar to aspirin for horses; DMSO is a liniment that seeps through the skin and gives you the taste of garlic in your mouth. Both are for pain, but for horses not humans.

At the time of this post, Amazon offers the e-book for free!