Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Equine Fantasy

The Roar of Smoke by Candace Carrabus is a newly released unique novel. Fantasy and horse lovers alike will enjoy this descriptive tale of a magical girl and her passion for horses. Tressida begins to learn about her powers when her village is attacked and she’s told to flee by her grandmother, who had shared family secrets with her all during her childhood. While escaping, those words of wisdom come back to Tressida (often called Sida) and magical things happen that help her survive. But there are evil people that want her powers, and will do anything to get them. Sida must learn how to master the new skills to overcome her obstacles.

While horses are not the main focus of the story, Tressida loves horses although they have not been around for a long time. She reads about them in an old book and dreams of riding and caring for them someday. Horses are brought into battle by other good men trying to defeat the evil ones. Eventually, Sida gets a horse of her own.

Visit the author's website to learn more: http://candacecarrabus.com/